Glass Skin Finish Beetroot Seed Oil

Our Beetroot Seed Oil is cold-pressed, unprocessed and 100% natural.

  • packed with vitamin E, A and phytosterols
  • moisturises and leaves the skin seriously silky
  • the most luxurious silky finish
  • a great oil to achieve glass skin
  • replenishes, protects and heals the skin from environmental damage
  • helps prevent premature ageing
  • a very light oil, recommended as a day oil, works well with makeup
  • for all skin types

Our cold pressed Beetroot Seed Oil has a beautiful silky texture. We love how it works like a natural primer, leaving the skin soft and gorgeous. A perfect oil to achieve glass skin naturally, without chemicals. EU seeds.

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Beta Vulgaris ( beetroot) Seed Oil




the EU


sustainable farming, and CO2, no deforestation.

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You may not have thought of beetroot as a luxurious vegetable, but the oil from beetroot seeds brings a stunning silky finish to your skin. The oil is very pale, nearly scentless and light, yet it moisturises the skin beautifully. You’ll love how your skin will feel after applying just a few drops.

Beetroot oil is rich in vitamin E, the nature’s powerful antioxidant, vitamin A and phytosterols. Phytosterols help fight premature ageing, UV skin damage and are anti-inflammatory.

Beetroot oil is a wonderful day oil. The beautiful texture of the oil works well as a natural primer. We recommend it for dry-er skin types and anyone over 30 due to vitamin A, E and phytosterol content.

Beetroot oil is incredibly sustainable and pressed from the freshest seeds. The vegetables are grown for food, and we only use surplus seeds.

How to use it

Apply to clean skin before your moisturiser. You can skip the moisturiser in fact, the oil is enough to keep the skin moisturised and plump.

We recommend using a one of our botanical tonics before hand for the most optimal natural skincare routine.



All our products are made with European, sustainable ingredients, mostly no-waste. We are dedicated to making this planet a better place and using what we have on our doorstep. We are The Witchery CPH and we believe in magic of nature.



We are a cruelty free company and never test on animals. All our products are local and sustainable. We use seeds that by-products of the European food production farming, ensuring huge savings of carbon footprint and water. Local seeds mean little transport and no lengthly storage. Strict EU farming laws also ensure the highest quality of the seeds available on the market, making our products not only sustainable but also of incredible quality.

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