Herbal Hair Growth Remedy

Our organic Hair Growth Remedy is pure, unprocessed and 100% natural.

  • hand picked and steam distilled organic rosemary, nettle and lavender
  • rosemary: scientifically proven to help with hair loss and strengthen hair follicles
  • lavender: strengthens and conditions the hair
  • nettle: adds shine to the hair
  • use: on freshly washed, damp hair

Our Organic Herbal Hair Growth Remedy comes from an artisanal production, a small farm, a female grower, has been hand picked and distilled. Product of the EU.

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Urtica Dioica leaf water, Rosmarinus leaf water, Lavandula flower water
Raphanus sativus root extract




the EU


sustainable farming, and CO2, no deforestation.

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1 review for Herbal Hair Growth Remedy

  1. Lisa

    Literally I cannot stop touching my hair after using it. I spray my hair after I wash it ( still wet), and let it dry naturally. My hair feels silky! And I live in Copenhagen, where water is super hard and my hair normally looks awful. The spray feels a little clunky though…

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There are three herbs that are simply incredible when it comes to healthy hair. It’s rosemary, lavender and nettle.

Rosemary is scientifically proven to help with hair loss, and is recommended for both men and women. Rosemary also supports hair growth and helps the hair stay clean for longer due to its sebum balancing properties.

Lavender, just like rosemary, promotes hair growth. It also hydrates and improves the hair’s overall condition.

Nettle is one of the best herbs to strengthen hair follicles and add shine to the hair. It has been used for centuries in Europe as a go-to hair remedy.

Our Herbal Hair Growth Remedy is organic and is a blend of steam distilled extracts of those plants.

How to use it

Apply to damp, freshly washed hair. Do not rinse.

If you are using heat to dry the hair, allow 10 minutes for the extracts to penetrate the hair before you dry them.

Our Herbal Hair Growth Remedy is, as always, of the highest quality and contains particles of lavender, rosemary and nettle essential oils.
The product has been created through steam-distillation of organic plant material.



All our products are made with European, sustainable ingredients, mostly no-waste. We are dedicated to making this planet a better place and using what we have on our doorstep. We are The Witchery CPH and we believe in magic of nature.



We are a cruelty free company and never test on animals. All our products are local and sustainable. We use seeds that by-products of the European food production farming, ensuring huge savings of carbon footprint and water. Local seeds mean little transport and no lengthly storage. Strict EU farming laws also ensure the highest quality of the seeds available on the market, making our products not only sustainable but also of incredible quality.

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