Super Food Face Oil

A potent mix of cold-pressed forest berries for your skin

  • raspberry + strawberry + blackberry + aronia
  • for all skin types, especially dry skin
  • rich in vit E and antioxidants
  • repairs and protects the skin
  • no-waste, EU seeds

Note: this batch’s ” best before” date is end of May, however it is perfectly lovely to use within 6 months from opening.

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Weight 30 g

100% cold pressed unrefined aronia seed oil
100% cold pressed unrefined strawberry seed oil
100% cold pressed unrefined raspberry seed oil
100% cold pressed unrefined blueberry seed oil




Pressed from seeds and kernels from the EU farming


The oil is very sustainable, seeds are by-products of the EU food production. No deforestation has taken place. CO2 footprint minimal.

Mix & Match

Best mixed with all fruit seed oils

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This face oil is basically a berry smoothie for your skin. A perfect oil for dry skin.

Berry oils are wonderful for your skin. They come with an array of gorgeous vitamins, a big dose of vitamin E, antioxidants and skin-loving fatty acids. The oils are completely no-waste, since they are made from berry seeds, by-products of local food industry ( jams, juices).

For our Super Food Face Oil, we mixed strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and aronia berry seeds.

Strawberry Seed Oil: abundant in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, but its star ingredient is ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant which helps to preserve collagen, and brighten skin.

Raspberry Seed Oil: rich in vitamin A and E, encourages healthy skin cell regeneration and growth. 

Blackberry Seed Oil: naturally rich in vitamins, locotriencols and lutein, is recommended for dry, damaged or mature skin.

Aronia Berry Seed Oil: an oil superstar. Aronia berry is a local berry that is more potent than Argan Oil when it comes to nourishing the skin. The oil absorbs rapidly and boosts the skin beautifully. It is a primarily a polyunsaturated oil that helps to soften, soothe and protect the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. It is recommended for sensitive, dry, itchy and mature skin.


Our Super Food Face Oil is a beautiful oil for those who enjoy a lighter oil.

How to use it:

Place 3-5 drops on your palm and massage it onto your skin. You can also mix a few drops with your moisturiser.

If you use a moisturiser separately, make sure the oil is the last product you use. Oils lock all the moisture in and protect the skin.



Q: Do I need a moisturiser and a face oil?                                                                                                         No. You can use both, but we don’t use moisturisers at all. Why? Because a good face oil is all you need. It moisturises, protects, nourishes and adds that lovely glow. Also, oils are the most direct way of using applying plant goodness onto the skin. We simply take the seeds, cold-press them and bottle them. We don’t use any preservatives or fillers. Oils are the purest form of a plant, ready to use and enjoy. We find moisturisers too loaded with preservatives and synthetic chemicals simply to make sure no microbes grow in them ( after all you put your finger in the jar every time you use a moisturiser). We stick to oils only.

We are a cruelty free company and never test on animals. All our products are local and sustainable. We use seeds that by-products of the European food production farming, ensuring huge savings of carbon footprint and water. Local seeds mean little transport and no lengthly storage. Strict EU farming laws also ensure the highest quality of the seeds available on the market, making our products not only sustainable but also of incredible quality.